NOT a totally pointless post

Hey guys. I’m bored so I figured I’d write like 2 posts and like yeah. So what do you like wanna talk about n’ stuff. I dont feel like putting the little comma thingy in any contraction or things like that and i dont like punctuation but i love run-on sentences if you haven’t already noticed at this point even though you really should’ve considering how long this sentence is and you know i don’t wanna capitalize anything and more and i dont care if thankyou is two words because right now i’m bored and i dont really care so maybe i was thinkin’ i wood stop writin this stuff and go do something productive rather than a really long and boring post about how im bored and no this is not a totally pointless post its very important to the symphonian club because everyone should know that stuff happens and things like that so like bye


Attention All Symphonians!

Symphonia will never end if we keep this club going. Help me keep Symphonia going with this club. Us Symphonians should all unite here and work together to make the Symphonians real. And if we know them well enough. We can all pretend it’s true and be satisfied. If you’ve read this website before than you know I sound completely idiotic sometimes. I just have a vivid imagination that I know is a gift. This is what made me make 11 friends that many people may never have. Join me. Let Symphonians exist!

P.S. That graffiti you might’ve seen that said “Symphonia Forever” was NOT me. JK:)


July 11th 2011. That night, the Symphonian Club was created. Now on that day we will celebrate the Symphonian Club Anniversary a.k.a. Symphonian day. If you like Symphonia at all, you will do something at least a little special for Symphonian day. I don’t have anything planned yet because it is so far away, but here are some suggestions for all different kinds of fans.

Somewhat Symphonia Fans

Something special for dinner
Play the game

Hard Core Symphonians

Go out to dinner
Play the game for a while
Do a Symphonian Project (suggested)

Omega Extreme Hard Core Ultimate Symphonia fans

All of the above

Feel free to choose your category and do any of those. Then again you don’t have to. It’s suggested you do though.

Newest member goes up two star ranks

Our member, C, has went from a 1 star rank up to a 3 star rank. He has seen the game before and in order to become a 2 star he had to play the game. In order to become a 3 star had to prove his loyalty. Everyone who signed up for this website, sadly, is a 0 star. He was only a 1 star because he signed the Symphonian Club sheet. Now, since he is a 3 star, his birthday is a new Symphonian holiday. It is possible for a 0 star to become a 3 star. You must write 10 comments about Symphonia for 1 star, 15 comments about Symphonia for 2 stars, and 30 comments about Symphonia to get 3 stars. You don’t actually even have to play the game. You just have to know the story. Anyway, if you know who C is, please congratulate him.

It was Raining Sages for some reason

I don’t really understand why this happens but every once in a while she is just awesome. When I say “She” I mean Raine Sage. Speaking of which, that is why the title is very strange. It relates to her name. Anyway, let’s talk about Raine. She is a half-elf and a teacher. She has silver hair and is a friend of Lloyd. Why does she become awesome on some occasions? The answer may never be found. However, we know that at the wierdest moments she just sort of radiates awesome.

Tales of um… what was it?

Before I forget what the name of the game is I better write a post. I haven’t written one involving symphonia in a long time. First, it’s awesome. Second, it’s still awesome. Third, it will always be awesome. To be specific, the characters are realistic. They have emotions like real people and I am similar to almost every character at one point. Mostly the boys but that is only because I am a boy. It isn’t entirely the gameplay that I like. I really love the way the story flows and how I almost know the characters.

Zelos Wilder

I am going to write about Zelos Wilder. He is very outgoing and likes Sheena. Sheena clearly does not like him back and constantly slaps him in the face. Zelos is still very persistent. He is the chosen one of Tetha Alla. The planet on which he lives. His job is to protect that planet and when he runs into Lloyd he decides to join his group. Once the second game comes in. Everyone is still in Lloyd’s group, but they haven’t really spoken much since saving the world. Finally, I have realized that Zelos pretty much likes all the girls in the group. However, he mostly likes Sheena. Especially when she is angry at him.