Weirdest Words in Symphonia

When I saw these words I thought to myself this: What kind of word is this! So here you go.

  • Ginungagap: The door to the demonic realm
  • Castagnier: Last name of Emil (I know this is a last name and technically doesn’t count but whatever. :P)
  • Lardacious: Some word that Tenebrae uses to describe Lloyd.

And it goes on…

Well, my plan, as some of you already know, is to learn more about the characters to help us finish the story. The way they ended the game was wonderful and it made it seem like the story never actually ends. We should keep working though to find out what comes next. I’m currently on vacation but when I get home I am playing Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. Learning about the past helps foretell the future! So let’s see if this works. Help me on this project. SYMPHONIANS UNITE!