Boring Office Guy

3 Star Member who started the Symphonian Club with his brother. He writes many of the posts and enjoys the story of Symphonia and playing the game. He will never like playing the game as much as he liked the story and wants to continue it with this club.

I Am Flufy

3 Star Member who used to really like Symphonia also but seems to have ignored this club as if he weren’t part of it any more. Every once in a while he will play the game.


2 Star Member who has met both Boring Office Guy and I Am Flufy. He was convinced by Boring Office Guy to try the game. Though he doesn’t own the game, he will sometimes play it at Boring Office Guy’s house.


There are 7 subscribers and some of them are probably 1 or 2-star members that subscribed after they got in the club. All the rest are:

(Right now, nobody has written a comment on the Symphonian Club website except for the people mentioned before. So we have no idea who they are.)


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