Weirdest Words in Symphonia

When I saw these words I thought to myself this: What kind of word is this! So here you go.

  • Ginungagap: The door to the demonic realm
  • Castagnier: Last name of Emil (I know this is a last name and technically doesn’t count but whatever. :P)
  • Lardacious: Some word that Tenebrae uses to describe Lloyd.

And it goes on…

Well, my plan, as some of you already know, is to learn more about the characters to help us finish the story. The way they ended the game was wonderful and it made it seem like the story never actually ends. We should keep working though to find out what comes next. I’m currently on vacation but when I get home I am playing Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. Learning about the past helps foretell the future! So let’s see if this works. Help me on this project. SYMPHONIANS UNITE!


I am happy. Symphonian Club, I think, is going quite well. Sure we could use more people but so far we have been able to do this with so little people. I am thinking of adding new projects and stuff to this website. Also, I’ve observed that many people who like Tales of Symphonia like The Legend of Zelda. TPMagic is a fansite for the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. That site isn’t going so well. If you want to become a member of the TPMagic Staff please notify me at Thanks!

P.S.: It helps me know what to write on this website when people leave comments. So please, don’t feel weird being the first one to comment on a post. We like to know what you have to say.


I was just thinking. What would happen if Ratatosk was a rat. My guess is he would have a problem trying to close the door to Niflheim or however you spell that. Rats generally don’t have centurions or enough power to shut demons from getting into our realm. I’d say that everyone would die if Ratatosk was a rat.

Symphonian Mood

I have been in a Symphonian mood recently. I have posted more posts, played more of the game, and even finished making the cardboard Symphonians. You have no idea how excited I am to have completed making the cardboard Symphonians. I will soon post a picture of all the cardboard Symphonians in the order I made them from top-left to bottom-right. I really suggest that if you are a Symphonian fan like me than you should do something about it. Do something to prove you are a proud Symphonian. It could be as little as to write a comment on my website or as large as to make a cardboard Symphonian. I do hope you share your love for Symphonia with me so I can speak with you about it. I can not express how thrilled I would be if someone would write a comment.

How to Create a Cardboard Symphonian

You will need:

  • Two Cardboard Boxes
  • Tape
  • Paper (2 Pieces)
  • Sharp Scissors
  • a large variety of markers (not OVERLY big ones)
  1. Choose a Symphonia character to make.
  2. Find a picture of that character off the internet.
  3. Take the cardboard box that will be the body and make sure you can not get inside the box. If you can than tape shut any open points.
  4. Take the second box and cut off one of the flaps on the box.
  5. Divide the flap into three sections. One is the face of him and the other two are the sides that must be shaped equally.
  6. Cut one piece of paper to the shape of the head and tape it to the head.
  7. Draw the face of the character on the piece of paper.
  8. Cut the other piece of paper to the shape of the body and tape it there.
  9. Draw the body of the character on the piece of paper.
  10. Tape the sides of the head to the front of the head on the inside and outside.
  11. Tape the front, left, and right to the top of the body on the inside and out.
  12. Draw the Symphonian Club symbol on the back which is an S with a C in the top of the S.
  13. And then it’s done! Enjoy doing what you want with it!

Finished Making Cardboard Symphonians

I have made all 14 cardboard Symphonians. Decus is completed. Because of complications during the time around when the anniversary of the Symphonian Club was, I had been delayed until now to make him. He looks kind of funny because I screwed up a bit on making his face. Though I like him just the way he is. also if you have not subscribed already then you should. Even if you have never played Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, play it one way or another. If you want the instructions to make a cardboard Symphonian then there is a post for that.

Happy Symphonian Day!

Today is Symphonian Day! The anniversary of the Symphonian Club’s creation. I will celebrate by finishing making all the Symphonians out of cardboard. There is only one left, Decus. Then all fourteen will be made. I have already written a post on suggestions for what to do on Symphonian Day. I have many plans of what to do. Maybe you should have one too. Especially if you’ve signed up to be a member.