Newest member goes up two star ranks

Our member, C, has went from a 1 star rank up to a 3 star rank. He has seen the game before and in order to become a 2 star he had to play the game. In order to become a 3 star had to prove his loyalty. Everyone who signed up for this website, sadly, is a 0 star. He was only a 1 star because he signed the Symphonian Club sheet. Now, since he is a 3 star, his birthday is a new Symphonian holiday. It is possible for a 0 star to become a 3 star. You must write 10 comments about Symphonia for 1 star, 15 comments about Symphonia for 2 stars, and 30 comments about Symphonia to get 3 stars. You don’t actually even have to play the game. You just have to know the story. Anyway, if you know who C is, please congratulate him.


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