It’s So Whiny!!!

Have I ever told you a story about the beginning of ToS: DotNW. Well, before I got the game I thought it would be the worst game ever known to mankind. When we started playing, it became even worse than I thought. It was pretty depressing. The main character, Emil, his parents get killed. He gets sent to live in a town that everyone hates him with his aunt and uncle who also hate him. However, the worst part is his whiny voice and lack of self-confidence. When he finds someone named Richter who appears to be helping him. Emil can not stop apologizing to him. Here is a quote from the game. “Sorry.” “Stop Apologizing.” “Sor- oh…” Do you want to get the game anymore? Well, after the beginning, the game is AMAZING. Don’t let the whining bring you down! You can make it! I know you can! I have faith in you! (Emil does not stay whiny throughout the whole game. The game would be just as bad as it is good in real life.)


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