Total Symphonia Extreme!

Tales of Symphonia is the world’s greatest game!!! Well, at least in my opinion. If I were the person who created Tales of Symphonia, I would be proud to the point that I exploded! If you do not own this game, BUY IT! I’m telling you! If you don’t get this game the universe could implode! Not really but you still need this game! Buy it!!! I don’t care if you think it’s pricey! It’s more awesome than pricey! Get this game!!!

P.S. Unless of course you hate fun. 🙂


One thought on “Total Symphonia Extreme!

  1. I already beat the game. I was addicted for awhile. Now I have been playing on my new nintendo 3ds. Wait it`s pricey? Then let people buy it on this website and make the game 5,000 bucks!

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